Demag Cranes

We have customers with more than 20 Demag cranes in their fleet, with some being more than 50 years old and still working well - a testament to the design and build quality of the Demag brand.

Demag produce state of the art crane hoists and components for all applications. They supply both chain-hoists and wire-rope hoists, each suitable for a range of jobs.

Wire-Rope Hoists

Wire rope hoists are suitable for crane applications over 3 tonne. Demag have produced several models of wire-rope hoists since early last century. The K series hoists ceased production in the early 1960s, being followed by the P series then the DH and more recently the DR. There are hundreds of P-series hoists and even some K-series hoists still operating in New Zealand today.

DR Hoists: This current model uses canbus technology for computer control and self-diagnostics. Data downloaded from the hoist provides a full service history of the crane including the number of lifts, over-lifts and kilometres travelled.

With this information the operator can often extend the design-life of the hoist and components beyond the 10 years stated in the relevant crane standard.


  • Proven reliability and long service-life
  • Canbus technology
  • Compact design for optimal space utilisation
  • Gearbox lubricated for life
  • Overload protection
  • Choice of mounting positions
  • Pendant control can be fixed, roving or wireless

Chain Hoists

Demag supply chain-hoists for loads up to 5 tonne. These are ideal for gib and monorail applications, being relatively inexpensive and easily installed.

The current DC range of two-speed chain-hoists is available with motorised, or push/pull trolley.


  • Compact and quiet
  • Two speed hoisting and travel standard
  • Variable speed control available as an option
  • Plug and play - all connections plug in for easy installation and setup

Click here for more on chain hoists

Demag KBK classic suspension monorail systems:

For a space-saving, flexible hoist rail system Demag have developed the KBK classic suspension system. KBK uses rolled steel track and can be built to almost any design: from simple, manually controlled straight sections to complex, semi or fully automated closed-circuit monorail systems. It can also be used to support a bridge beam for added versatility. The KBK system is quick to assemble on-site and being suspended from the roof structure avoids use of corbel posts, saving space and expense. With the appropriate chain-hoist and support structure a KBK system can operate up to a SWL of 5 tonne.

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