Repairs & Maintenance

At McCallum Engineering we have a dedicated crane-service department. From our base in Christchurch we service and repair cranes for clients throughout New Zealand. We have the expertise, parts and equipment to get a malfunctioning or broken down overhead crane repaired promptly.

We have a large stock of new and pre-used hoist parts and consumables which enables us to repair most cranes without delay.
In addition to hoist parts and consumables we supply and install down-shop power-track and collectors, plus festoon track and trolleys.

We offer a preventive maintenance service programme tailored to suit each site, taking into account the requirements of the client and the duty factor of the cranes.Over time our clients benefit from fewer crane breakdowns, improved production and lower maintainence costs.

  • Crane failures and breakdowns are reduced saving accidents, down-time and lost production.
  • Moving parts are regularly inspected and lubricated, reducing wear and extending working life.
  • Defects and wearing parts are identified early so that they can be monitored and replaced at a convenient time, before they become major problems
  • The client receives a service and inspection report for each crane. This is to be filed with the crane records for future reference.
  • Crane Certification: When the crane inspector calls to conduct the annual certification inspection he can see that the client has a preventive maintenance programme in place, something that most crane inspectors promote.
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