Pre-used Cranes

In addition to our stock of pre-used hoists and associated crane components, from time to time we have available complete pre-used cranes. Depending on the client's requirements a simple relocation is sometimes possible, but often a crane will need to be lengthened or shortened to fit the new location.
We always supply a crane that complies with the current New Zealand Crane Code.
We refurbish, and relocate cranes as required, to achieve a cost-effective solution for our clients.

Points to consider before buying a pre-used crane:

  • Does the crane fit in your building:
    1. Will the bridge-beam fit on your crane-rails.
    2. Is there sufficient head-room above the crane-rails.
    3. Is the hook-height of the hoist suitable for your application.
  • Is your building able to take the weight of the crane with maximum load – CP engineer's statement will be needed for certification.
  • Does the crane comply with current standards – will it pass certification.
  • Are the hoist and other running gear in good condition and are spare parts readily available – this is important as some manufacturers do not stock parts for non-current models.

We can advise and assist with this process.

Buy and Sell – Pre-used cranes

We welcome enquiries from interested buyers and sellers of overhead cranes.

Sellers: If you have surplus equipment we can often assist with arranging a sale. Please contact us with details and photos of your crane.

Buyers: Please contact us with your requirements and we may be able to help. We will advise on the best crane for your situation.

Relevant Details:

  • Safe Working Load
  • Hook-path height
  • Bridge-beam length
  • Make of hoist and travel motors
  • Crane age and condition
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