Crane Installation

At McCallum Engineering we have many years experience building, repairing and servicing cranes. From our Christchurch workshop we service cranes and undertake projects for some of the largest companies in New Zealand.

We are the South Island agents for Demag Cranes and the New Zealand agents for Hydromech Cranes. Both companies produce a range of top quality wire-rope hoists with Demag also supplying state of the art chain-hoists up to 5 tonne.

In addition to Demag chain-hoists we supply several alternative brands to cover a range of hoisting speed, duty-cycle and price options.

At McCallum Engineering we build cranes for almost any application using Demag and Hydromech hoists, components and specifications, eg:

  • Gantry cranes
  • Portal cranes
  • Semi Portal cranes
  • Fixed and Swing jib cranes

Crane Duty Rating

The table below illustrates the correlation between Duty Rating and Service Life. For a crane that has a high duty cycle (heavy use) it is beneficial to invest in equipment with a high FEM / ISO rating. The extended service-life and resultant savings in maintenance costs will pay off over time.


Service Life - Full Load Hours

Cycles per Hour

Starts per Hour

1Am / M4 800 30 180
2m / M5 1600 40 240
3m / M6 3200 50 300
4m / M7 6400 60 360

New Installations

We supply electric wire-rope and chain hoists with the choice of hoist type being job-specific. As experts in this field we will assess the client’s requirements and recommend the most suitable option.

After discussing the client’s requirements we can identify the most cost-effective means of achieving the customer’s objective. It is important to get this right before starting the job, to save unnecessary expense on maintenance, downtime and premature replacements. We are often called in to improve, up-spec or replace an existing crane which is not suitable for the job.

  • We provide the customer with a quote for the job. Where applicable we will include a cost-saving alternative using rebuilt pre-used cranes and components.
  • We order any new equipment chosen by the client, fabricate and paint the beams, rails and structures in our workshop, transport them to the site then complete the installation and commissioning of the crane.

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Pre-Used Cranes

As well as supplying new hoists and components we have a range of used Demag equipment. After testing and overhauling, these recycled hoists, components and spare parts can often enable us to offer a cost effective alternative when quoting projects.

With our contacts in the crane industry we have access to complete pre-used cranes as they become available.

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Power Track

We supply Activ8 and fully enclosed power-track plus associated hardware including jointers, trolleys and collectors.

Service and Repairs

Our team services a variety of crane brands and types, with ongoing maintenance being a large part of the business.

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